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This product is made to measure.

This product is made to measure.


Therapeutic Medical Compression Stocking


The VARISANE TOP line is RAL certified and available in 5 sizes and 2 lengths. The product is very comfortable as it is made of a multifilament yarn, which makes the stocking soft, easier to put on and allows it to breathe. Many products are available with cotton in contact with the skin. All the articles in this line can also be made to measure.


CLASS 1 (18-21 mmHg) standard and made to measure
Varices, varices during and after pregnancy, initial venous oedema, reticular veins.
CLASS II (23-32 mmHg) standard and made to measure
Superficial vein thrombosis, acute dorp vein thrombosis, lymphoedema, prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome.
CLASS III (34-46 mmHg) standard and made to measure
• valvular insufficiency of the deep veins, prevention of ulcer relapse, lymphoedema, post-thrombotic syndrome with severe skin tissue impairment.
• primary and secondary lymphoedema at various clinical stages
• post-traumatic or post-operative oedema
• lymphoedema in its various stages
• phlebolymphoedema
• keloid lymphoedema following surgery


Acute dermohypodermitis, skin infections, peripheral obliterant arteriopathy, known contact allergy to elastic support appliances.


Compression therapy with VARISANS medical compression stockings should only be given during the daytime. The stocking is to be put on in the morning, if possible before getting up, and taken off in the evening, before going to bed. During rest, the compression exerted could prove to be excessive. For short afternoon rests there is no need to
remove the stocking. It is recommended to walk as much as possible during the daytime.


The high quality of the materials used to make the VARISANE elastic compression support appliance and the technologies adopted in their production guarantee the product for 6 months starting from the first time it is worn, providing the user instructions are followed.

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